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Rentboatlesvos specializes in renting out high-speed yachts. Our boats are used as pleasure crafts, or as auxiliary vessels to larger yachts, as well as being used in the organization of sea activities or sports.

Our technical expertise and years of experience, combined with our investment in our private yachts means we can guarantee their excellent condition.

Thanks to our love and passion for the sea, we are able to offer high quality comprehensive services and tailor-made assistance that satisfies the most demanding of customers.

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Water may sometimes be more difficult to obtain than fuel, as most islands procure water from tanker trunks that are not always available. Proper organization will minimize delays in the supply of water to your tanks. Fuel is generally available from tankers.  Major ports and marinas will require you to show your boat documents and the list of crew members. There is a small fee for overnight mooring at ports or marinas. The anchorage is free, but be vigilant of your boat as the loss of equipment is your responsibility.

There are many beautiful destinations near Mytilene, Chios and Turkey, which can offer you a wonderful holiday week. Plus you will find the most beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea here. Contact us and our company can provide you with every detail you need to know about the beautiful destinations in this region.

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