Daily trips by boat to the island of Lesvos, to nearby islands and unique beaches. Lesvos is a beautiful green island with clear water and beautiful beaches.You can rent our boats and to choose the destination and we will get you. Discover our beautiful beaches, Golden Sands, Tsonia, Kaya and drink ouzo Skala Sykaminia. The real treasures however, is not easily accessible, such as the Islets Toukmakia, Panagia Krifti and more. The Rentboatlesvos organize daily excursions by boat to beaches and areas that are not easily accessible to enjoy all the beauty of our island!. Our boats are available for chartering private-collective diurnal or nocturnal excursions.


1) Petra - Toukmakia Islands - Petra


The Tokmakia islets are located less than a kilometer off the coast of Mandamados, Lesvos. Their beauty leaves visitors speechless.


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toukmakia-islands2Moreover these islands are part of the network of protected Aegean islands and islets which have been designated as islands of "outstanding natural beauty" where only traditional activities (farming, fishing, farming and beekeeping) are permitted.


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toukmakia-glarosIn particular, the Tokmakia islands complex is part of a Special Protection Area hosting the precious breeding grounds of the Audouin's Gull ( Larus audouinii), a protected  and endangered species existing only in the Mediterranean.


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2) Petra - Petras Islands



Located in the center of town, the main attraction of Petra is none other than the Church of the Sweet Kissing Virgin Mary perched on a rock (hence the name Petra), which can be reached by ascending its 114 stair steps.

The island of Agios Georgios, named after its church, is located across from Petra in Lesvos. In addition to the church, there is also a well with drinking water on the island. The island has an altitude of about 40 meters and its rich vegetation is characterized by pine trees and shrubs. The island features a lighthouse and a residence.


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